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    My name is Skyler. I'm seventeen, at this time of writing (2020-01-30), and a junior in high school (I started public school in my freshman year of high school, after being home schooled for most of my life). I would like to consider myself a writer. Perhaps this blog (Log? Journal? Website? - I'm still not sure how best to describe it) will help me realize that dream. I hope that writing here will become a habit; I fear that I will drop it after a few weeks. My intention is to write once a week, at least - we'll see how that goes. I love the idea of sharing my ideas with the world, even though very little of the world may see it - that doesn't bother me. I've always believed that the little things, the small, interpersonal, kindnesses which happen daily and brighten our life are things that truly matter. So if this writing makes one person think about something differently, or helps a single reader laugh on a hard day, then I have done my job. (For more about me, see here.)

    This blog is about my complicated (often contentious) relationship with conventional culture. It's about life. It's my ongoing story; about trying to find a unique niche in a crowded world, about being special. It's also about love, and magic, and beauty, and the wild elements of this often tame world we live in. It's about nature. It's about giving to others in little ways, and about taking care of yourself. It's about pushing limits, both personal and societal. It's about philosophy (very much about philosophy), and it's a place for me to put my often-forthcoming rants about the nature of the universe. And it's about darkness - the intensity of the world we live in; the reality of our difficult modern life; and the struggles that I and those around me face and - hopefully - overcome.

    Although this blog encourages thoughfully questioning convention, I must establish some conventions of my own. I will do my best to write once a week. We'll see how that goes - I'm not very good about maintaining a schedule. On the left side of the page you can see a list of articles by date of publication; on the right side a receptical for useful (mostly meta-) information; Please note license information and the archive; I plan to move any deleted files to the archive (as well as archiving old versions of any blog posts I drastically change). That's the extent to which I can commit myself to self imposed routine, so I'll leave it there in terms of conventions for this blog.

    I hope that this journey takes both of us, the writer and the reader, many beautiful places. There are adventures to be had, sights to be seen, and many matters to discuss along the way.


    Love and joy,

    - Skyler